How to Increase Bookings in Your Vacation Rental Property in S Florida

How to Increase Bookings in Your Vacation Rental Property in S Florida

So you have your vacation rental property in South Florida but your do not think it is performing so well. What should you do? Where is the competition beating you? The vacation property market in South Florida is very competitive and therefore you need to keep your game at the very best to have the highest booking rates for your property. The better the booking rates the more cash flow you get. Here are some of the things you should do to ensure that your bookings are at a maximum.

Maintain the Rates and Calendars for your listing – listings are the best way to advertise your vacation property but to get the most out of them you should keep your rates and calendars updated. As the travellers search for the property to rent, they will consider the property that has all the updated information because they do not want to be caught by surprise. Avoid double bookings by updating your calendar immediately your Housing Market gets booked. Double booking will give you a very bad review. Some travellers might even read malice into it so keep your calendars up to date all the time.

Optimize the headline and description of your property on the listing – when listing your property ensure that you use a title that is well written, precise, and that focuses on the best-selling point of your house. A great headline will bring in more click-throughs to your listing and therefore more conversations. After a great headline, ensure that your description is perfect and as detailed as possible. Ensure that you keep the renter interested in your property by providing them all the necessary details and ensuring that you emphasize on the strong selling points of your house.

Advertise all over – listing your property on just one website will not cut it. You need to be advertised as much as possible online and otherwise. The listing websites have thousands if not more of vacation houses listed on their sites in the same areas which makes it hard for the renters to find their best houses. It is therefore advisable that you diversify your advertising so that you can reach more people.

Accept online bookings – to make it easy for people to book your property you should accept online booking. Online booking is convenient for the renters and it gives them security that they can have their money refunded when something is not right. When you allow online booking you open up your investment to many renters.

Request reviews – research has shown that travellers are most likely to book a vacation property in South Florida that shows reviews from other guests. Allow your guests to give their reviews online on the platforms you are on. This will build trust and confidence to get you more bookings.

With these tips in mind you will be sure to see more booking for your vacation rental property in South Florida. Ensure the guest experience is perfect and you have a solid business.

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